Hello everyone and welcome to my NEW website!

If you are planning on visiting Luohu Commercial City and Shenzhen make sure you contact me first!   If this is your first time visiting it can be very overwhelming! There are many salesmen and saleswomen that will hassle you and follow you for a very long time until you visit their shop!
These types of people give the shopping experience for you a bad vibe and can make it very uncomfortable. They are also dishonest and will sell you items that are not of a very good quality and at at very high place. They WILL try to cheat you! They do this because the stores they work for will give them a high commission.
This is why I have created this site, so that the honest businessmen can inform all of our valuable tourists and shoppers alike what to be aware of!img-20161126-wa0009

If you don’t want to get ripped off in here
, contact me! I’m happy to show you around and tell you what is the best price to pay for the products you really want! I can show you different qualities and educate you on how to shop vigiliantly and to obtain the best bargain!

When you come here email me or whatsApp me.

I looking forward your coming
Warm regards