Shenzhen Kyle

Shenzhen Kyle welcomes you to Luohu Commercial City!


My name is Kyle ( the famous Shenzhen Kyle !) , I have been doing business in the busy mall for almost 8 years. I specialise in only the BEST handbags , watches , wallets and belts.  I have worked hard to source only the best quality products. I believe in good customer service , and repeat customers, which I have achieved over the years. Many of my customers now order from me and have me send products to them anywhere in the world! …

Some things to know about the mall. It is famous for being a destination to replica/ copy products. When you come here shopping , you won’t be able to see these on display in the shops.  If you are after a favorite brand, simply ask and the sellers will show you a bountiful catalogs of all products available!

This is how it works –
We show you the catalog   →  You choose which products you like→  We call our supplier.

Our Supplier (located very close by)  will deliver the goods to the shop.

The rent and the wages is very expensive , so we must try to make a good profit , otherwise we can not survive in here . Therefore if you are going to spend your money here, I want to ensure you only get the BEST products, that is my promise!


Why buying from Shenzhen Kyle is different…

There are many levels of quality available here , usually many of the dishonest shopkeepers will get the low quality items to show you , if you can not tell the quality then they will sell you the lowest quality for you at a high price. If can tell the quality, they may bring the better quality for you .

My promise has always been and always will be, be honest the customer,  tell you which quality is good , which quality is no good.

Because of this dishonesty and the reputable sellers are no longer making money because of the cheats, I don’t want to own the shop anymore , I can still sell very very good price for the customer , if you don’t want to get ripped off in here, contact me, Shenzhen Kyle , I will show you the best shop in here and tell you what is the reasonable prices to pay for the goods in here .
I still can get handbag , watch , wallet , belt for you , I won’t let you know , please contact me before you come here .
Looking forward to you coming and visiting! !
Warm regards
Shenzhen Kyle


Happy Customers, Great Friends!